Sanitary Division Schedule of Rates

                                                                            Effective Date: January 1, 2017

                                                              RATES FOR SEWER SERVICE TO

                                               METERED CUSTOMERS REGARDLESS OF METER SIZE

                                                               Quarterly                 Monthly                       Daily
                                                                 Charge                    Charge                      Charge

          Usage Fee (Per 100 Gallons)             $1.08                      $1.08                         $1.08

          Capital Improvement Fee                $19.50                     $6.50                          $0.21

          Debt Service Fee                            $21.55                      $7.18                          $0.24

Terms of Charge     

Bills under these rates are net and may be rendered quarterly or monthly and are due and payable when presented.

How to figure out usage into amount owed

Everyone with a sewer account first starts off with the $21.55 Debt Service Fee

Then you take the number of gallons used (let’s say 10,000 for this example)

        10,000 gallons divided by 100 then times that by the $1.08 a gallon = $108.00

Then you add $21.55 Debt Service to the $108.00 for usage which equals $129.55 for Sewer plus the $19.50 for Capital Improvement Fee.