Before Winter:

  • Disconnect and drain outdoor faucets. Shut them off inside.
  • Patch cracks and holes near pipes.
  • Insulate pipes in unheated garages and crawl spaces.
  • Check insulation. Wet insulation freezes and is worse than no insulation.
  • Make sure heat can circulate around pipes. Plumbing in an enclosed area such as a closet will freeze.
  • Pay attention to basement piping. Older furnaces lose enough heat to warm basements, newer energy efficient furnaces do not.
  • Consider UL Approved heat tape
  • Find and tag your water shut off valve and make sure it works before an emergency crisis. This will limit water damage should inside pipes burst.

If Your Pipes Freeze:

  • Do not use an open flame for thawing pipes. You risk overheating a pipe and causing it to burst or set the house on fire.​

How To Minimize The Potential For Frozen Pipes